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Saturday, November 5, 2016

“The Voyage”- Opengl Projects with source code and Report

We have seen so many c graphics projects on ship including the screen saver , the moving ship and opengl project on shrinking of ship due to iceberg collision. In this post you will get the opengl projects with source code and report on “Voyage".

“The Voyage”- Opengl Projects with source code and Report

Voyage is journey to other place using the sea routes. So in this c/c++ graphics project, has been aimed of showing a simple journey of people on a large ship over the sea. There is not much evolvement of too many parts of the journey, but only the movement of ship in the sea from one point to another. The simple journey over the sea has been shown.

Components in the c graphics projects

This opengl projects with source code and report has various components to display on the screen and demonstrate the voyage some of them are explained below with their coding samples.

1.       SKY : One of the prime component that has to be display on screen is sky,it has been shown in cyan color and used very simple coding. To make it realistic the horizon has been colored in white. 

Mountain : Another useful and distinguish component of this c graphics projects is mountain. With appropriate coordinate combination the hills of mountain has been designed and displayed. You need to point the correct x and y coordinate to draw the mountain on screen. Color of the mountain is selected to have a little brownish shade.

3.       Sea  : Without sea there is no meaning of Voyage, hence it is one of the important part of the c graphics projects. Off course the color of the sea is blue, and we have used many dots which make the sea seems flowing. The dots is along the rows with many rows.

4.       Ship : One of the important and integral component of this opengl projects with source code and report is ship. The have ship have three stores and each stores have their own compartments which is in decreasing order from bottom of the sea. Three air exhaust is also there at the top.

The only component in this project that shows motion is ship. The ship in this  c graphics projects moves from left part of the screen toward right, again it enter to some other parts of mountain region and travelling goes on.

Future scope

There are many thing you can add in this project few of them are mentioned below. If you have some idea that we are missing you can suggest us via comment to us.

  •  You can add sound of engines of ship
  •  Can control the ship with user interaction to start and stop the ship at certain time.
  •  Place trees along the mountains.
  • You can place small boats around the ship.
  • Fish or other sea animals can also be shown inside the sea.
The Voyage is one of finest opengl projects with source code and report available with us. To get this projects  with full source code along with the report including the ppt, shoot an email to openglprojects

Monday, June 9, 2014

Computer Graphics Projects On Moving Ship

Have you ever think about the Voyage? Get the Computer Graphics Projects On Moving Ship and sail one yourself.

In this post we are going to talk about the new project that simple easier as well little tricky. It's about the ship, the moving ship. Earlier post we had already have so many project that was based on principles motion. Most likely and closely was the traffic signal where everything was just about motion of vehicles. But the most important Computer Graphics Projects was on running train. Why recalling it? Because it resembles this very project. In running train there was movement of train and here it's about the Ship.

Features of  Computer Graphics Projects On Moving Ship

  • This Opengl Project is simple, easy to code and understand
  • The important part of the project that is tricky is the water and the ship drawing.
  • Next Difficult is moving the entire ship from one direction to another.
  • It has keyboard functionality of right and left arrow key which move front and back respectively. 
  • No mouse function as it not required.

What extra be added to Moving Ship Project?

Student can add many good feature to this project and make it more interesting and interactive. Since we have only keyboard function for right and left arrow, other keyboard functionality can be added to make it funnier like up and down arrow (move in air not in water).

Add keyword function to change the colors of the ships. Also add sound as ship moves. Sound of water can also be added. Adding crew and passenger also make it more realistic. On this Computer Graphics Projects On Moving Ship, Mouse function can be added to move the ship in the direction of mouse when the cursor is move in some particular direction. The ship follows the cursor like this it can be made. 

There are many creative things that can be added to this project. You students can make it more useful and interesting. Try apply you mind, create new project with it, share with us publish in your own name. Put Your comment and let how you like this.

Download Moving Ship Computer graphics Source code free.