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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Output Images of Simple Drawing Project

The 'Simple drawing on screen'can have different images in it but in my project i had added up to five basic images these are:

 First image is having three  points which is little hard to visible.

Three simple lines

Lines make a good closed and open figures

The open figure closed to make it on the way.

Colourful Triangles.

Colored Square.

Add more to your project and try to post in the comment.

Simple Drawing on screen with different objects

Description: This project is simple with there are many objects which changes with "space bar" hitting.  The image added are made with simple built-in functions of OpenGL. As User toggle between the image it change from a low level points to lines then to triangle and finally the colored beautiful square. This is quite simple project but with little addition of complication like moving objects will make is better like add a moving cube. Each of the image make be made to move which make the project more useful.

USAGES:  Space-bar : Toggle between the images.
                 ESC: Exit program.
to keep repeating continously pressing Space-bar, until you press ESC program will not exit.

Project Code: Download project file
                        Download header file