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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Create Multiple instances of Stars

Description : Program to demonstrate the use of display lists: loads a shape using display lists then calls several instances. Also demonstrates the use of glutIdleFunc to animate the shapes.
 This program uses display lists to create multiple instances of a single object. The object used here is Star. Stars are created using the polygons with different points, which can be alerted.  The multiple instances of stars are called with the number of stars which too can be changed.

usages :
Mouse interaction

Right mouse button: Speed up the animation.
Middle mouse button: Slow down the animation.
Left mouse button: Reset to the default speed.

Keyboard interaction 

r: Speed up the animation.
t: Slow down the animation.
y: Reset to the default speed.
q: quit program.

Video demo

Download : Project code*

* If you have edited something, modified the program discuss about.