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Friday, May 20, 2011

Simple Haloed Lined Wireframe

Haloed Lined Wireframe

Description: The project will demonstrate a simple  Haloed Lined Wireframe with option of toggle and color filling. A Pyramidal octagonal shaped  is made along with a torus tube. The use is allow to toggle between the shapes as well as from the 3D filled object to haloed object.

USAGE: Right click and choose the suitable options

           Filled Object : Fills the wired object with color.
           Wireframe: To see wireframe view.
           Haloed Wireframe: Halo the object wireframe.
           Pgon Offset Haloed Wireframe: Offset the halo.
           Backface Haloed Wireframe: Back face the haloed wireframe.
          Toggle Object: Toggle between the two objects.

          Press Escape to exit.

Project Code: Download


  1. i wan complete description........

  2. code is self explanatory.....if not read the book simple figure is used here

  3. dude we need the algorithm for this prog can u plz put it