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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Make Simple Paper Folding [Origami] using OpenGL

Origami is Japanese word, made up of - 'ori' means folding and 'kami' means paper. It is one of the traditional art of Japan, where things are made using the papers. In this art paper can be folded or sculpted in any way to make the items like - animals, birds, boats, ships, planes and other objects. No cutting and gluing is allowed. To know more about Origami read on Wikipedia.

Description: This project is simple one where one just Fold the paper and Unfold it. This project demo the entire process of folding as well as unfolding. Each folding section has been curved with the line, can be seen on the figure above. The single paper is divided into 8 cross sections and each folding position is marked. Each sates has been enumerated. The list of points make it possible to make the fold with recognizing what state to follow. While rendering and movement is done easily but folding with good angle specification is need. Motion of the Paper while it get fold(unfold) make more sense as it make more visibility to user.

Usages: Right click to see the menu, choose the option
               Reverse direction : Reverse the direction in which the paper is getting fold(unfold).
               Toggle motion : Motion on/off.
               Toggle spinning : Spin on/off.
               Quit : Exit the program.

Project Code: Download


  1. How to stop the paper to spin?

  2. Just try to edit the rotate and translate functions and then check out what you want to do with them.

  3. hi what are the other options that we can add in this project?

  4. how to download origami  project .....plz  suggest me?

  5. Subscribe to the blog and surely i am going to post the link in future. Due to some problem i am unable to keep it, try to have regular look as i might put it in 5-6 days.

  6. what ever you wish! 
    A user interface to control the things in better way, speed controlling like + to increase and - to decrease the motion and spins etc.