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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dynamic Sorting Algorithm Visualizer : Computer Graphics Project

Sorting can be defined as arranging list, number, or any times in an systematic way in a certain order of sequence having comparable properties. In simple word Sorting  is the process to rearrange the items of a given list in Ascending Order/Descending Order.

Previously in our Computer Graphics Project blog we have discussed about Bucket sort program a sorting program. In that Computer Graphics Project program the user uses to provide two input array to store and show the sorting process and result, while in this project the sorting is show dynamically with Circles representing the input list to sort. 

Description: The underlying concept of sorting algorithm includes the comparisons, swapping of elements, and assignments. The DSAV ( Dynamic Sorting Algorithm Visualizer ),  Visualizes the Bubble Sort Algorithm. In this algorithm, comparisons starts from the first two elements of the array and finding the largest item and move (or bubble) it to the top. With each subsequent iteration, find the next largest item and bubble it up towards the top of the array. 

This DSA Visualizer depicts the swapping of elements by swapping the circles (which are the items of the array in our case), for each item different radii of circle is generated according to the value of the item. This swapping process occurs for at the max of n iterations. Thus at the end of nth iteration,  the array of elements are sorted in the ascending order which is the desired output of the DSAV. Below is the logic or say short algorithm of  the Dynamic Sorting Algorithm Visualizer Computer Graphics Project.

Logic of sorting :
If not in the process of swapping of 2 circles then only get 2 new circles to swap.
While the counter_i < 10
While counter_j <9
If the a[counter_j] > a[counter_j]
Swap 2 circles
Once exchanged goto swap
Increment counter_j
                   Increment counter_i
             Print which circles are getting swapped.
            Call swap_circles function again with counter_j and counter_j+1 values.
            Mark the end of the function sort.

Usages: First the window generate will ask 'press enter to continue.....' ; press enter key
Menu is written with what to do on the screen it self.

Following is what keyboard will do after it get pressed - 

s  :      To start sorting
r :       To randomizes the sorted list
esc :   Exit

Project Code and Report for the program :

Video Demo


  1. hey rajeev i'm unable to download the report file.. there's no option for downloading in it..can u please help me get the file ??

  2. both working well and there is option there, try it

  3. hi rajeev...
    the program had few errors , cleared it...
    now the program is executing but its stuck at the welcome screen [In Prerss Enter to Continue]
    Please see and help...

  4. I have fully tested it and then uploaded so there is no error in program. If there is some error when u run gave a screen shot here in the comment reply

  5. pleaz send me the code for this program

  6. pleaz send me code for this project

  7. download the code from

  8. May be the problem is because of conio.h header file.. it wasnt der so i removed that from the program..
    now no errors, the output screen comes.. CLICK ENTER TO CONTINUE.. but the next screen doesnt come..

  9. the code is fine and it is well running here, so it will run in ur pc.
    Also try to check the keyboard function, modify it run check again.
    It is quite difficult to help from here as i think the program run quietly if it doesn't i would have not posted it.

  10. the code is nor working in da exact way it has to work...according to bubble the first pass that largest element should go to complete right and so on...

  11. Please can i have the source code of this project,the link above is not working any more.

  12. Please i need the source code of this project.please post the link if you have it

  13. hey plz send me the source code

  14. sir ,the link for download is not working... :( plz can u send the correct link..

  15. Please can i have the source code of this project,the link above is not working any more

  16. please can i have the link or source code of this project or path way finding

  17. i m not able to download can u please help..its urgent

  18. hi sir,
    i need project code for breadth first search in opengl.. its urgent

  19. don't ask for urgency
    If you didn't get search google and post your idea so we include them in future.

  20. sir i want code for dynamic sorting algoritm for descending order in opengl along with ascending order

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  22. Sir, please mail me project abstract and synopsis for dynamic sorting algorithm visualizer.. My mail Id