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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Draw Fishes in OpenGL Computer graphics

In this so simple project  we are going to draw fishes. Yeah we are drawing fishes in OpenGL Computer graphics. It's not the project that shows the aquarium opengl project rather it draw the bitmap of fishes. The c/c++ program will helps in learning how to use the bitmap in OpenGL graphics.

Draw Fishes in OpenGL Computer graphics

Here we are going to draw many fishes namely - 20 instance of the bitmap fishes. This program is taken from LMU computer science Division, the CS department of Loyola Marymount University. All the Copyright is owned by them. This is Program is distributed for the purpose of education only.

Feature of the Program -

  • The program is used to show trivial use of OpenGL bitmaps
  • In this program we have the plotting of  about 20 bitmaps fishes in different colors.
  • The color of the fishes are random as well as the position on the screen.
  • No Keyboard and Mouse Interaction
What more can be added to this OpenGL Computer graphics Program are mentioned below - 
  • To make program more interesting, let all fish swim in a direction.
  • Make keyboard or mouse interaction to play and stop the flow of fishes.
Download the OpenGL Computer graphics Program on Fishes.

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