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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3D Solar System OpenGL graphics program

We have seen many good programs on Solar System in OpenGL. Today we are going to present you a mode 3D modeled version of solar system graphics program. You might encountered the previous very simple solar system opengl program which remain at the top seen post on this blog. But this program is very much different as it includes many of the other space objects like stars and comets, also it has orbit and axis for each planet, which can be controlled by user. Also we can control the stars as well with keyboard.

Features of 3D OpenGL graphics program

This 3D graphics program is a very good project that can both be use for submitting at college's mini project or even in course for learning graphics. Unlike the previous solar system graphic project this program has many features.

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For Code and Demo Contact at 8147656011 or whatsapp at 7022162923


  1. can you put the snap or tell more like line no or put code snippets

  2. Shivarajkumar PujariMay 23, 2015 at 8:47 PM

    Please mail me air traffic control project ppt & source code..

  3. i have to submit any project to my uni sir ..plz sir send me Soon source code of 3d robot @Nouman Khattak:disqus

  4. Can you send me source code of Solar System graphic program.Thank you.

  5. need of solar system graphic program.......helpme guys

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    1. Sir plz do send me also the source code of solar system thank you

  7. Can you help me out by sharing source code and explain to me if I get doubts in it sir? Id be hearty greatful :) !

  8. Any problem just ask in comment


  9. Plz send the source code of 3D solar system.divyashreeg2013@gmail. com

  10. Can this be executed in visual studio 2010 plz do help me can anyone send the source code of solar system or traffic to