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Monday, October 24, 2016

gRobot - Israel Student OpenGL Computer Graphics Program

The Open University of Israel, offers different courses under Computer Science discipline. Under it course catalogue - 20562 Computer Graphics is offered. The course is based on Computer Graphics with OpenGL (3rd ed.), by D. Hearn and M.P. Baker (Prentice-Hall, 2004). There is 4 credits for this course.

Under this course Computer Science students of Israel will able to learn about the computer graphics, different geometric perspective, geometrical coordinates and shapes, 2d and 3d objects - their representation using computer graphics,  transformation and rendering of objects etc. They will able to bring real life object onto the computer screen. The course have certain prerequisites - knowledge of mathematics and physics, able to imagine the two and three dimension objects.

One of the Student of Open University of Israel, Dennis Sheberla,  with his deep understanding on the subject brings a great output. He coded gRobot - OpenGL Computer Graphics Program. This program uses the OpenGL API.

gRobot - Israel Student OpenGL Computer Graphics Program

Features of the gRobot

  • A Robot with Forearms and Head with movement and rotations.
  • Wooden Textured floor
  • Good use of texture,ambients,lights, vectors etc in the image rendering.
  • Good use of camera and it's positioning. 
  • Use of interaction over the keyboard to control the movement of Robot.
  • There are different view modes.
  • Light source are also controllable.
  • There is also help text and menu appears with right mouse click.
Below is Information about the Controls and UI interactive with mouse and keyboards.


Mouse Control

Left click + movement - Control camera/robot viewing direction
Right click - Main Menu

Keyboard Control

Robot control

w - Move forward
s - Move backward
a - Move to left (Strafe left)
d - Move to right (Strafe right)
q, e - Rotate clockwise, counter clockwise
z, x - Rotate head left, right
c, v - Rotate head up, down
5, t (g, b) - Rotate right arm (left arm)
6, y (h, n) - Rotate right forearm (left forearm)
7, u (j, m) - Rotate right palm (left palm)

Camera Control

Arrow Up - Move forward
Arrow Down - Move backward
Arrow Left - Move left (Strafe left)
Arrow Right - Move right (Strafe right)
Page Up - Move camera upward
Page Down - Move camera downward

Color edit control

F2, F3 - increase/decrease bright (all colors)
F4, F5 - increase/decrease red color
F6, F7 - increase/decrease green color
F8, F9 - increase/decrease blue color
F10 - exit from color editing


F1 - Show help
F10 - Exit from help

In the Program different classes has been used for different purpose, following is the brief information about them. 


·         Vector3 - Vector operations
·         TextureLoader - Loads textures, supports image different formats
·         Camera - Camera control
·         Robot - Robot control, draw and parameters
·         gRobot - Main program

The  Project's work of Dennis Sheberla, indeed is due to his hard work and determination for his Open University of Israel. You can take advantage from this by analysing source code and create you own wonderful program with it. We have done research and find some beautiful work from around the globe for your benifit.  You can find the source code of the program on GithHub.

Hope you liked this! Try this program by downloading it from the source and tell what you like about this. Also share you experience suggestion to us about this or any other program.

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