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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Satellites Launch Mini Projects OpenGL Computer graphics

ISRO has made our county proud. They have lauched so many sattelites into the sapce for tele communication,  sciencetific discovery, defence, remote sensing, meteorolog etc. In this article we are going to code satellite launch mini projects using opengl computer graphcis in c/c++. 

We launch satellites into space by putting them on rockets. The rockets carrying satellites launch via a luching station through tons of propellants (fules of rocket). The propellants provide energy to the rocket to get out of Earth gravity 's pull (Speed is called escape velocity). Rocket with even thrust get into space at mutliple stages. The final stage of the rocket is to place the satellite into it orbit.

Satellites Launch Mini Projects OpenGL Computer graphics

Aim of the Mini Projects

The aim of this Satellites Launch Mini Projects  with OpenGL Computer graphics is to simulate the lauch if satellites using the opengl functions and codes. We are going to create the Earth, rocket, satellites using opengl and simulate the actual lauching of satellites.

Design and Implementation 

1. Drawing of Earth -  

2. Drawing of Rocket-

3. Drawing of Satellite - 

Do You Know? 

ISRO have student satellite program. Students who want to working in space technology may develope the payload for satellites with the help of ISRO through thier university.

User Interaction in the program

The Satellites Launch Mini Projects OpenGL Computer graphics program includes interaction through keyboard as mentioned below -

P - Launch the rocket
Q- Quit

Download the source of Mini Projects OpenGL

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