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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ludo Board Game

Ludo board game

Description:  A Project which will let you play the one of the oldest Board Game of Ludo. It is two player game and not the four player. More description are available in the code itself.

USAGES:  Right click at the start up page to see different options(also work during game play)

About the project: Instruction and info regard to the project
Rules of the Game: Stating the rule governing the game.
Game Mode or Restart: To start the game at beginning or to restart a new game in middle of on going game.
Quit: To exit from the game.

After the game load you will be asked to press enter to start the game. In the game click on the board to spin the dice. To move the turn click on the mover.

Project Code: Download


  1. pls give me ppt of this project  its urgent plz

  2. pls giv the source code for this email is

  3. hey plz giive source code for this

  4. There is Project Code: Download written above download it from there

  5. can't downlode code plz update it

  6. @ top sahan = are u from SLIIT?? even i cant download this...

  7. hi! Jaya and Top Sahan

    It was my mistake that i made it private now i had removed it. Now open to every one with the link below

    Thanks for your valuable comment which allow me to correct the error.

  8. plss send me source code fr this num plss it's urgent