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Monday, November 28, 2011

A mini-projects with Particles Drop on Sphere

Particles Drop

Description:  Program to demonstrate the use od particle system in the OpenGL. This project have a sphere over which the particle fall and the speed of particle falling per second is shown in right. It is one of the hardest project to understand and implement. It has alots of factor in concentration.  The texture as well as the speed of the falling particles. 

USAGES: Right Click to see the options

       [f]   Fog on/off  
       [t]   Spray type 
       [s]   Collision spheres
       [-]   Less flow
       [+]   More flow 
       [p]   Smaller points 
       [P]   Larger points 
       [l]   Toggle points/lines
       [#]   Toggle framerate on/off 
       [~]   Toggle fullscreen on/off

       Use the numeric keypad to move the spheres

       [!]   Change active sphere , 0
   Startup: Press Space-bar to initiate.

   Quit: Press Esc key to quit the game. 

Project Code: Download


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