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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Taj Mahal

Description:  No need description of this project as previously in the tutorial to build mini project on Taj Mahal most of the things were told. Let's remind few things like the Taj Mahal project is based on keeping cubes and spheres in place to build the gumbazz and the minars. Here two forms are made with one for outer and other the wire farmed, for inner one, with the tombs inside it.


Mouse interaction :  Right click to see the options
                                Taj : To see the outer Taj with full-spaced walled building.
                                Wired Taj : Wired Taj, with tomb inside which is made visible.
                                Exit : Quit program
Keyboard interaction: 
                                 w : Increase animation for Wired Taj
                                 e :  Decrease animation for Taj
                                 r :  Decrease animation for Wired Taj
                                 t :  Increase animation for Taj

Project Code:


  1. i could not able to download the source code.plz send me the link

  2. I had rechecked it, that working fine no problem with the link

  3. plz sir send me the functions description used in taj mahal mini project