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Thursday, July 12, 2012

3D Line Shaped Objects

This project illustrates the simple line drawing of different 3D objects including - Sphere, Cube, Cone, Torus, Icosahedron and Teapot. They drawn in the wired framed with black lines. They looks like a movie of black and white pictures. That cool!. The object are automatically set in motion as they appear on the screen.

While to add user interaction an mouse function is being added, this mouse function allow users to choose which of the object they want to select and display it on screen. There is transparency between one surface of the object to other, which means that one can see both the surface at a time while the object rotate in motion. This is simple project, most of the things here are given to learn how to draw those shapes. To How to draw the line shapes of 3D object,check out this project who codes is given below.
If you like you can add more things to it like adding lighting, textures etc. to the objects. Also you can add the motion controller function that is - function that allow user to move the object with mouse or using the any of the key in keyboard.

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