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Friday, March 21, 2014

Tower of Hanoi Computer Graphics Project

Solving Puzzles all of us like to play in our leisure. To day on the same note I am presenting the Tower of Hanoi Computer Graphics Project using OpenGL. This very simple puzzles based on the no of discs and the towers. The objects, rule were discussed in the previous Tower of Hanoi OpenGL project, in which used CONE and TORUS. Similarly in this Computer Graphics Project we are using these same primitive 3d objects.

This has following feature -
  • It has better shaped disc, look more realistic.
  • The options in this Computer graphics Project in C allows to set different backgrounds.
  • The Tower of Hanoi Project has more interaction than previous one as it's allows to have step by step solving the problem. First at the beginning you need to input no of disc. Right Click to Get the options menu - Click on Solve to start solving. Continues to till the problem automatically get solved. 

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Future scope - It can allow to changes the disc from one to other by human's choice and not though some algorithm. Also put levels with no of disc as the base. As the level increases the disc count also need to get increment. We may start level 1 or 0 with 3 discs.

I think your gone like this projects as well, put your comment and let what more need to be added in this. Also help by contributing your projects either modified or new, your project your name.

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