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Monday, April 7, 2014

Computer graphics Projects Selective Repeat Arq

In this Networking based Computer graphics Projects, we introducing again the Selective Repeat Arq. It is the modified version of the earlier Networking based OpenGL Mini-Project : Selective Repeat ARQ.

Selective Repeat Arq is good project based on the networking algorithm. It has the functionality shown in  manner to show case how the data transmission occurs in network.It deals with all the aspects, conditions that actually happens to transfer of data from the source to destination.

Ask for the Source code in Comments. Don't put your email directly there, I will not take responsible of misuse of emails for spamming purpose(we, the OpenGL Projects Team members, do not share spam emails to you but others can).  I will share to you though the admin panel. Also kindly comment with good working email address. Hotmail is not allowed? If possible signed with Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. Don't repeat the comments for asking the code. You can modify and share this like we have now the other projects as well. Thanks

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