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Monday, April 14, 2014

VTU CG Lab Projects on Ceiling Fan

VTU CG Lab Projects on Ceiling Fan is created and designed as a part of B.E 6th Semester. As mentioned in Solar System Project this is in course under VTU for Computer Graphics Laboratory. It is great to develop this project by 6th sem vtu students for submitting in their college. Below We can have different features that this CG Lab Projects shows -

Front Page of CG Lab Projects on Ceiling Fan

The front Page for this VTU CG Lab Project is quite simple and have many options in itself. The picture above told you much about the project. At the place of  "Your Names Here" the projects co-ordinate names should be there. Capital letter "C" when pressed will lead to running, continue pressing the same cause speed variation of the running Ceiling Fan. The small letter "c" will let to static Ceiling Fan. 

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The background this projects are in 4 different colors, these can be accessed by press the numeric key from 1-4. Detailed of color and the key is mentioned in the front page. Additional colors can be added to project as well which you can see in the video, how to add it.

Functionality of the Project

In this VTU CG Lab Projects there are many things being used. First is the use of vsprintf,  glutStrokeCharacter and buffer techniques to display the fonts. The design and coding of fan is not that easy but the is use of glutSolidSphere make it easily.

Other functionality is easy just simple logic to increment the speed of fan blades and stop it. Same procedure to add the keyword and the mouse function. You may remember how to add menu in opengl - same here it is used in this project.

Improvement in the Project

There are minor and major improvement can be done in this project as well.

  • Improve the front page.
  • Add additional interaction through keyboard and mouse.
  • More backgrounds in the ceiling fan with rooms and so.

Download the Source code.

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