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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Noof : the external - opengl projects using visual c++

Today we are going to see Opengl projects using visual c++ that is quite interesting. This computer graphics project is something different from all other we have mentioned in this blog. You can see the pic below.

You must have not noted much about it viewing the image and determined it as simple project to submit for your VTU but it is not. It is one of the good project that has a lot of potential to show, how much you know about the OpenGL. As in the image you see nothing that attract, but there more in this than simple solar system project. When you execute this projects in using visual c++ (MS visual studio) you will got to see the real potential. 

Noof the external is the name of this opengl project. We have coded opengl projects using visual c++. On execution the leafs will move, turn and twist from different part of screen. It likes the rocket when leaves the cloud in the sky. You got see like same as it fill the entire screen with cloud of leaves twisted motion. As the petals of flowers twist to form a beautiful object we are going to see same here. We have paired object shapes that form foam of cloud in the screen. Watch the video at vine to see how it actually works. 

This opengl projects using visual c++ has used many things like using the colors vectors, motion vectors to control how the object form and have it's motion with it. The use of glShadeModel and glBlendFunc is also crucial. 

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