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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Project Report Format for VTU Computer Graphics and Visualization

In the Computer Graphics and Visualization lab, there is computer graphics mini projects. For this mini projects 6th sem computer science students of VTU has to submit report along side the project that they done. The Project Report Format is very important as many of us at the end, go here and there in search of proper report format. Today we are going to give some guidelines for Project Report for VTU 6th sem cg lab project.

The basic Project Report Format is like this

Outer Title Page
Inner Title  page
Abstract / Synopsis
Table of Contents
List of tables and figures


  1. Introduction

  1. System Analysis
2.1 Existing System
2.2 Proposed System
        2.2.1 Scope of the Project
        2.2.2 Aim of the project
        2.2.3 Project Modules

  1. Requirement Specifications
        3.1 Details of Software
        3.2 System requirements
               3.2.1 Hardware Configuration
               3.2.2 Software Configuration

  1. System Design
4.1 Data Flow Diagram
4.2 Sequence Diagram

  1. System Implementation
5.1 Modular Description

  1. Sample Output

  1. System Testing

  1. System  Maintenance

  1. Conclusion

  1. Bibliography
Guidelines for the preparation of B.E/B.Tech Project Reports

1.      Project reports should be typed neatly only on one side of the paper with 1.5 or double line spacing on a A4 size bind paper (210X297 mm).
The margins should be left 1.25”, Right – 1”, Top and Bottom-0.75”.

2.      The total number of reports to be prepared are for each member of + 2 copies for the college.

3.      Before taking final print out, the approval of the concerned guide(s) is mandatory and suggested corrections if any, must be incorporated.

4.      For making copies dry tone Xerox is suggested.

Every copy of the report must contain

·         Outer title page
·         Inner title page
·     Certificate in the format enclosed by the college and the organization where the project is carried out
·         Abstract not exceeding 100 words, indicating sailent features of the work
·         Chapters (to be numbered in Arabic) Containing Introduction which is usually specific scope of work and its importance and relation to previous work and the present developments. Many body of the report should be divided into chapters, Sections and subscriptions.
·         The chapters, sections and subsections may be numbered in the decimal form.
·         The Chapter must be left or right justified(Font size 16) followed by the title of the chapter centered (font size 18),section/subsection numbers along with their headings must be left justified with section numbers and its heading in font size 16 and subsection and its heading in font size 14. The body or the text of the report should have font size 12.
·         The figures and table must be numbered chapter wise.
·       The last chapter should contain the summary of the work carried, contributions if any, their utility along with the scope of the further work.
·         Reference or bibliography- The references should be serially numbered in the order of their occurrence in text and their numbers should be indicated in [ ] brackets.
·    Proper attention is to be paid not only to the technical contents but also to the organization of the report and the clarity of the expression.Due care should be taken to avoid spelling and typing errors.