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Monday, August 31, 2015

Advance Traffic Signal C Source Code Projects

OpenGL from CGI has many feature that make it one of the best graphics API. VTU had one of the subject dedicated to the OpenGL Computer graphics, the lab for it as well. The CGV lab projects is written in c/c++. Earlier in the blog we posted many C Source Code Projects including the cgv projects for 6th sem cse about traffic signal. Today in this post we are going to show your Advance Traffic Signal project.

Advance Traffic Signal C Source Code Projects

Features of the Projects

This C Source Code Projects have many of the good features. We are listing the features below -

  1. Traffic light with three signals.
  2. House with tree and lake around it.
  3. Cloud and Sun in the Sky in the day while moon in the night.
  4. There are few vehicles that cross the road with signal installed.
  5. There is user interaction to change the signal color.
  6. User can choose between day and night.
  7. The airplane and comet in the sky can be sought by user.

User Interaction

As all the good projects have a great UI, this C Source Code Projects also have it. There is following UI that help make the project a better option for you to choose for the CGV lab projects. 

Mouse - 
  • RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to display menu.
  • Choose from SubMenu - 1. Aeroplane 2. Comet
  • LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to quit the program
Keyboard - 

  • Press 'r' or 'R' to change the signal light to red.
  • Press 'g' or 'G' to change the signal light to green.
  • Press 'd' or 'D' to make it day.
  • Press 'n' or 'N' to make it night.
Download this C Source Code Projects in OpenGL.

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