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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

VTU CG Lab Projects Report for Clock Programs

Many of the VTU 6th sem students doing mini projects in computer graphics, are looking for CG Lab Projects Report. Though it is difficult to give all the CG Lab Projects Report for all the projects. When ever the source code or the report is available to us, we share with you. 
In most of the cases we try to give the source code and report free but when we have to create the new report or code we have to invest the time. Since we are investing our valuable time so we are charging little amount for CG Lab Projects Report from you.  

Any one looking for CG Lab Projects Report Contact 8147656011 or email at, for just at Rs 500.

We have posted the CG Lab Projects on Clock and we are giving you the Report and the PPT for this. The report contains 11 chapters including the essentials snapshots. Download the Project report and power point presentation for the Clock program.

Below is some content for the Clock CG Lab Projects Report.

               This project has been designed such that it works on the windows platform. The project can be designed using different languages and better graphical interfaces. The following features can be incorporated.
ü  A simple monthly calendar can be displayed along with the clock.
ü  A simple digital timer can be implemented.
ü  Better graphical features like options for the user to change the clock’s color and shape of the clock.
ü  A different style for the digits on the clock, for example, Roman Numbers.

PPT    Report

Note  - This Report and PPT is submitted by DHRUVA  M (1AY10CS017) of ACHARAYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Thanks for this!
Kindly submit the Reports and PPT and even Source Code with you to help other students.

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