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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Video Demo for implementation of OpenGL Minesweeper

We have tried to figured out many classical implementation through the knowledge of OpenGL and Computer graphics. We have done so many opengl games programs and toady we are going to see another one.

In the previous OpenGL Minesweeper program there are many flaws which cannot be seen in this new program. This OpenGL Minesweeper projects have so many different features that make it worth doing. It. 

Some of the Features of OpenGL Minesweeper - 

  1. Large area of the board.
  2. Number are more clearly visible within the boards.
  3. Different colors being used in the program.
  4. Easy Navigation with the 4 up, down, left, right navigation key.
  5. Game is more colorful version of OpenGL Minesweeper.
Now you have seen this wonderful program and know about some of it's feature. It is better you do in your own way. It would be an idea for you 6th sem vtu student to implement such a great idea for your mini project. 

Watch the Demo below for OpenGL Minesweeper - 

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