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Friday, April 28, 2017

Rain water harvesting cg projects

Nature has given alot  to mankind, but we have destroyed the balance. We need to save the nature by conserving the resources. Water is one of essential element in our life, hence we need to conserve it. One of the way to conserved Water is by saving rain Water. The process of saving rainwater is done though rainwater harvesting. Our cg project will demonstrate the rainwater harvesting.

What required in the project?

Since we are making rainwater harvesting, so we will draw house with proper implemented rainwater harvesting infrastructure.

What we will draw?
  1. House, with proper induct for saving rainwater.
  2. Pipes, to move water.
  3. Containers with charcoal.
  4. For chlorine bleaching, container with chlorine.
  5. Turbine
  6. Water reservoir or small water tank for storage. 

You might have seen flow of water or liquids in our nuclear power plant project, similarly in this cg project we will move.

Rain falls on house, with induct and pipe water fall to charcoal container and then to chlorine container and finally to turbine. Now purified water goes to water tank where it reserved for use.

The rainwater harvesting cg project is simple but one of the fine project that show our need of daily life.

Download the Source code

video demo will published soon. 

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