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Monday, March 20, 2017

Trippy Animated Computer Graphics Projects

We have seen many animated opengl projects, today we are presenting another projects with animation. The name of the new project is - Trippy.

Trippy means hallucinatory effect or something resemble to hallucination.

The hallucination with different primitive objects like dots, lines and triangles are used. The effect was made more effective with proper use of color as well as texture. To make hallucinating more effective different objects like circle and teaport is also added in option. The number do matters, in hallucination the number have important role to play, hence the project have added the option to add as many as 50 primitive or objects in it.

Our Eye hallucinate with different factor effecting it, one of them is speed. This project also added the option to increase the speed as well as the shape of the primitives or objects that is getting hallucinated.

User Interaction

Right click to get the menu and submenu.

Texture mode :

                      smooth : Set smooth texture to the primitive or objects
                      Chunky :  add a bit of texture to the primitive or objects

Seed mode :
                       Primitive : Draw primitive objects like dot, lines and triangles
                        Circle :  Draw circle
                         TeaPort :  Draw Teaport
                        Text : Display the text "OpenGL"

Seed Size :  Tiny, Small, Medium, Large (the size of object or primitives)

Colours :

                   Slow : Display color in slow pattern
                   Medium :  Color hallucination with medium effect
                   Fast : Create the color fastly
                  Random : create random color

Primitive :
                  Dots : Create Dots
                  Lines : Create lines
                  Triangles : Generate Triangle

Number : Number of objects or primitive to drawn - 1, 2,3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50

Size :  Draw the size as specified on selection - 1, 3, 5

AutoSpin  : Spin the screen

Reset :  Reset to the current object removing past drawn objects

Quit :  Exit from the program

Video Demo

Coming Soon!

Source Code 

You can Download the source code of the project - Trippy Animated Computer Graphics Projects from Google Drive.

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