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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Car Race OpenGL Program

There are many OpenGL Program in our blog. In this post we are going to discuss about the Car Race game in old style. It is similar to 2d car racing game but little simple.

Like in video game Car race game, we have seen the cars are shaped in rectangular shape. The black meter lined road is coded on which the cars raced. There are 6 lanes in the road on which racer have to move the care to avoid collision. 

Earlier in our many game programs we have much impressive menu or instruction for user. This opengl program also display the menu while game being played. You can see in the image above. The score is also written at the top.


In menu the basic instruction has been shown but many skipped due to low area to display text. All the other user interaction of this opengl program are mentioned below - 

Start and End
s  - start the game
q - quit the game and exist the program

Color change
Change the track and background color (when game end and show shown).
0 - to white
1 - to red
3 -  to blue

Game Play
2 - down or de-accelerate
4 - toward left
6 - toward right
8 - up or accelarate

Note : In this OpenGL program we have used the glutStrokeCharacter

       glutStrokeCharacter  -  renders  a  stroke character using OpenGL.

       void glutStrokeCharacter(void *font, int character);

       font      Stroke font to use.

       character Character to render (not confined to 8 bits).

       Without using any display lists, glutStrokeCharacter  ren
       ders the character in the named stroke font. The available
       fonts are:

               A proportionally spaced  Roman  Simplex  font  for
               ASCII  characters  32 through 127. The maximum top
               character in the font is 119.05 units; the  bottom
               descends 33.33 units.

               A  mono-spaced  spaced  Roman  Simplex  font (same
               characters as GLUT_STROKE_ROMAN) for ASCII characte
               ters  32 through 127. The maximum top character in
               the font is  119.05  units;  the  bottom  descends
               33.33  units. Each character is 104.76 units wide.

       Rendering  a  nonexistent  character  has  no  effect.   A
       glTranslatef  is  used to translate the current model view
       matrix to advance the width of the character.

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