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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

AirPlane Game Computer Graphics Project

In our blog we have seen many projects that deals with gaming. Today we are introducing one of the most complex game which we called the "AirPlane Game". It is not similar to copter game in openGL we have seen earlier. It is more complex and used SOIL.

Objective :

The objective of the project is to built a game using opengl and c++, which use the airplane as tool of game. The Computer Graphics game Project use playing have to run the airplane through the scene avoiding the danger as well as keeping the fuel up. As the fuel goes down user game ends, same when you hit by incoming object.

Features : 

1. Splash Screen 
2. Options to Choose the plane
3. Option to choose the scence
4. Different menu as mentioned below.

A menu with screen with the following items: 

• Play 
• Settings 
• Instructions 
• Credits 
• High Scores 
• Exit 

The game use SOIL to load the image hence you have to first set the soil in your project. 

For source code and documents email to

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