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Monday, January 14, 2019

The Classroom CG lab Programs VTU


OpenGL is used in the CG lab Programs VTU 6th SEM for learning the graphics. The aim of this blog is to give as much exposure to students so they can learn create and explore the new ideas of implementing the Computer graphics.

We have share many projects with free source code. We have also provided the free opengl tutorials in our blog. We have shre multiple programs snippets of c/c++ source code in OpenGL. There are many simple projects that can be used for large program with some library based program that can be complex in nature. With the same aim we have come up a program that act as the first part of our complex journey. We name the Program as  - "The Classroom".


The Classroom CG lab Programs for VTU 6th SEM student comprised of showing jouney of education when we all are child and start learning the basics. This program will show the graphical representation of the the classroom where a teacher try to teaches student "A for apple B for Ball ...".


CG lab Programs which  we have come up with have so many components or functions. These functions are basically code for small objects like roof, floor, blackboard tube light etc. Different parts of the classroom have different functions to create the objects.

We have created the lady teachers by using the different objects. Like the face we have used the circle to draw it. Similarly the hair we use the semi circle (created code for it). The other parts like nose we have use the lines and vertices with proper coordinates.

There are four kids which are facing towards the teachers has been rendered in this The Classroom CG lab Programs VTU 6th SEM. We have created two benches and each benches consist of two students. 

There is dark mode of the program where you can switch off the tubelight and whole class would be in dark.

User Interactions

n - to continues form start screen and proceed to next.
b- back to previous screen
r- restart the screen

Video Demo

Source Code

To get the source code write to with the project title.

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