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Monday, March 30, 2020

Electromagnetic induction demo with opengl graphic program

Electromagnetic induction or magnetic induction or simply induction is process in which electric current or voltage is passed through a conductor when it is placed in postion around varying magnetic field. Induction also produce current when a conducting material constantly moves around a static magnetic field. The current run through conducting material due to electromagnetic force. Michael Faraday has been credited for discoverey of  Law of Induction in 1831. The laws is now called Faraday laws of Electromagnetic induction. We are going demo with help of computer graphics how Electromagnetic induction work. The graphic will be coded in c++ with opengl graphic library.


With help of opengl program computer graphics we are going to demo the Electromagnetic induction. 

Faraday laws of Electromagnetic induction.

Before we get into details of the program first you need to understand what Faraday laws of Electromagnetic induction is all about. This will help us in properly demo the Electromagnetic induction with opengl program graphically.

There are two faraday's law of electromagnetic induction as stated below - 
  1. First law : change in magnetic flux linked with a closed coil, an induced emfis  produced and current flows through the coil. This induced e.m.f. remains till the flux changes. 
  2. Second law : The induced emf in a coil is equal to the rate of change of flux linkage.
There are many things like equation, maxwell farady law, Lenz law, right thumb rule but we will not focus on them.

There are many application of  Electromagnetic induction including electrical components such as inductors and transformers, and devices such as electric motors and generators. The ATM swipe in pos also use the Electromagnetic induction.

Description of opengl program

Our opengl program demo Electromagnetic induction graphically. We are going to code the program with user interface. 

The opengl program will create two basic model one for static magnet another for rotating magnet. First a wireframe cylinder is needed which will act as conductor or coil. This coil then attached to spherical object which is bulb. A rectangular magnet is also designed. When magnet is place in coil the emf is produced and bulb glows as current runs in coil. Color of sphere is black when there is no current and for current same will change to yellow.

In another scenario we will rotate magnet and produce current. Rapid movement of magnet can be shown using pencils like cone with rectangular middle. 

User Interface

Following keyboard interface and functionity as given below is used in this opengl program - 

'S/s' key - start the program
'M/m' key - move the magnet
'T/t' key - toggle
'F/f' key - increase the flow
'Esc/e/E' key - to exit any time.

Email us @ for source code and reports.

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