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Thursday, September 22, 2011

GlutDino : Generate Dinosaurs with Computer Graphics


Description: A very simple and good OpenGL project that based on the use of light and shadow. A model of Dinosaur is draw and is give different lighting to it. Body part is green and a red eye in the Dino's structure. This project illustrate the use of lighting functions ans show how to change it. The model static and just change according to the light value changes by use. The only two option is there for the light perspective that include for the Right and the Left. 
You can draw your own figure and adjust the lighting as in this project. Make sure the model you draw should have similar base like what the dino has.

USAGES:  At the opening, initial time the figure will have full brightness. Right click and choose the two of the following options
Toggle left light: Remove/Add light in left part(inner) of the dino body.
                 Toggle right light: Remove/Add light in right part(outer) of the dino body

From starting you can have the combination of light either in left or right or both or none of them. Hence a total of four different view will be there.          

Project Code:

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