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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Different font styles in OpenGL : a demo


Description:  Program to demonstrate the use of  the different font styles that can be used up in OpenGL. Well more and more of the fonts can be added and the project can be made more complex by adding menus and selection. The program is simple to understand and develop. 
More Fonts can be added by using the functions of the fonts available in the OpenGL. Find that with help, or just select the current font and choose 'got to definition of the 'choosen font' '.

USAGES: none.

Project Code: Download

Complexity Addition : 1. Add motion to the text in any of the way ie. horizontal movement, vertical movement or zig-zag etc.
2. Make the text stay at their place but rotate them either clockwise or anti-clockwise directions. Spinning will also be good. 
3. Display each font styles as in like random pages. 
Must add colours to the text.

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