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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fluid Filtration : a demo working of filtration of fluids

Description:  As name suggest this project will demo the filtration process of water or the other fluids. In this project a simple box which is the container is made with handle on the side. The simple line diagram is used to make the container box, for which appropriate functions is used. It is similar like drawing any polygons, the normals and vertices are precisely designed to make the accurate cuboidal box. Similarly with other polygon the filters is designed.
The animation of the fluid is designed with controlling the drawing of polygon mainly rectangular with proper vertices and normals, this is used within the loop. Also apart from animation of fluids in the pipes, the project adds additional controls to move the whole things - container and the fluids within the pipes along an axis with mouse.

Usages: Hold the mouse button to move the  container and the fluids within the pipes. As You leave the mouse the movements will stop. To move in forward hold left mouse button and fro backward hold right mouse button.

Download : Project code*

*There is some bug in the program so sometime it might not works like left and right mouse button didn't work or it will shows no respond .

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