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Friday, April 27, 2012

Rigid Body Transformation : A project demonstrate Rotation, Scaling, Transformation

Description:  Rigid Body Transformations is one of  the most important applications in computer graphics.  It means Rotation, Scaling, Transformation of 3-Dimensional objects, like teapot, torus, cone, cube and octahedron. It also includes changes of background colors and rotations, including the 3 ways, like of  x-axis, y-axis and z-axis.The above operation can be done by using mouse interface.

A part from this a small header section is there at the top, which contains informations, like project name with it associates. The angle and velocity of rotation, is indicated on the header bar. A timer is also placed on header, which shows the times elapse as the program executed.

Usages:  Right click to see the options

 Rotation On : Set the rotation in the object.               
 Translation :
                         X - axis Translation On : Move objects in x-direction.
                         Y - axis Translation On : Move objects in y-direction.
                         Z - axis Translation On : Move objects in z-direction.
 Objects : Selects the below mentioned objects with sub-menu selection

 Change Background :  Selects the colours mentioned below with sub-menu selection

 Scaling On:  Put the scaling on objects.

Download : Project code


  1. sir,in this project scaling operation is not working..
    what changes i have to make for that?

  2. sir plzz upload the complete report for this project...

  3. please upload the final report sir
    please sir urgent

  4. sir..i need complete report for this project...its very urgent...plzzzz.........send to in this project scaling operation is not working....what to do for this sir....? give me a solution......

  5. can you specify exactly what is the problem?

  6. In menu SCALING ON option is there know clicking that there is no changes in the objects......what changes i have to make sir.....?

  7. scaling it get bigger don't you see that

  8. no sir....there was no changes in size.....

  9. can i get complete report of this project.......?

  10. you right there is not scaling function - something is missing.

    Go through these two links and add you own.

    Transformation in OpenGL

    Tutorial on scaling in OpenGL

    For your sake i am giving some code you can work as this need some time and precesion.

    Look these -

    int scaling=0;

    int axis=0;

    float x_axis=2.0;

    float y_axis=2.0;

    float z_axis=2.0;

    int x_axis1=0;

    int y_axis1=0;

    int z_axis1=0;

    also similar to this code for scalef ok!



    case 1: glTranslatef(center, 0.0, 0.0);


    case 2: glTranslatef(0.0, center, 0.0);


    case 3: glTranslatef(0.0, 0.0, center);



  11. i have to submitt report of this project tomorrow,plzzz........i request you to mail complete report of this project at plzzzz................sir.

  12. You can't get report so fast; try download it from sample download page and try to make it according to your's project.

  13. sir am not getting scaling operation can u say the code for scaling operation wt s the problem in program,,,,,,,,,,,,............

  14. Sir please send me the source code for Rigid Body Transformation:A project demonstrate for Rotation, Scaling and Transformation.........sir plz send to