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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glutplane : Draw Planes with computer graphics in OpenGL


Description:  There are many things we can play with paper. In our childhood we used to make things like ships, planes, frogs, birds etc. with the paper. That was just only child's play but still have creativity in it. There are complex things that can be made with paper. There are many branches of this, in which people use their creative mind to make things with papers like paper cutting or origami.

The projects on simple paper folding was demonstrated earlier, along with the video for the origami project. Now introducing the another paper creative work, with computer graphics. With figure you would have easily get that the project deals with making the planes. Simple figure planes are created in different types of colours. The projects allows to add more planes and also to remove them from the screen. It also allow to see static planes or watch them flying on the screen.

Basic Trigonometric functions has been used to bend the shape to make it look like plane. Also to have diffrent colours at the time of adding the planes, random function is used to select the colours randomly.  This same function is utilized for animation of the planes in different speed and directions. While for more glutVisibilityFunc is used for static or animation turns.

Usages: Right Click to see the options

Add plane : Add new plane from the screen in random colours.
Remove plane : Remove already present plane from the screen.
Motion : To keep the animation or movement on/off.
Quit : Exit program

Project Code: Download


  1. Can u pls send me d link for d code of planes in CG....

  2. Plz send me code