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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Interactive font program for OpenGL

In previous post  there was simple demo how to display different Font style. Now in this Project, an interactive Program will be shown which have user interaction to play with.This program allow user to choose different sets of things related to font display, more can be added.  Different Fonts style declared, which can be selected by right click. 

Right click and there will be options for different Fonts type like of Times Roman and Helvetica, with size value.  Also bitmap fonts being added. To give color to fonts, selection options are given to select the color,  red, blue, green and white. Lastly a message option is there to select which message to display on the screen. There is two options added in this program - abc that denotes the small caps letters while,  ABC meant for Message to be in Capital letters. Further addition is possible by adding more menus and messages in the program.


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  2. sir,
    how to add clip arts to the interactive font program?

  3. me too for this question?

  4. Hi,
    I actually ececuted the pogram but there is an error that :"no such imageloader.h files"
    Plz help me