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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Draw Crab Pong Game using OpenGL

Games are integral part of one's life, there are many games developed for mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, Pc and off-course for high experience Xbox, Play stations have some great varieties of games. These games are not just made for children but elder also use to have some hands on them.

Abstract : In this tutorial we are going to talk about a very interesting but quite simple game. This game is called Pong. Since the player here is shaped as crab so the project is named as Crab Pong Game. The game consist of 4 player one on each corner. 3 player are programmed to control by computer while one will be handled by the player. The rule are as stated  -
A player is scored (lose a point) on when a ball crosses the player's side, but the crab isn't there to block it from crossing. The time when player reaches 0 points, the player is got  eliminated, and the position of the player is turn as wall.  There are four circles at each diagonally placed  from the corners to limit balls' and crabs' positions.  There may be multiple balls in play at once.  New balls are added to play by fading in at the center of the board.  As in the original Pong,the direction of a ball after hitting a crab depends on the place where the ball hit the crab.
Description  and Downloads :  This project is quite a large to describe but a wonderful description of this available atVideotutorialsrock, there the interactive video tutorial is also available. The Project is quite good and presented very well. One this need to note that instead of crab you can change the player as different character as well by modification of code. Get the full source code.

Want to modify this project and make your own, put your comment in here. Also tell if you face some problem or things are not getting in.


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  4. can you have two player pong game simple one

  5. your game is beauty man ! how can i play them?

    do you have iphone or android version for them?