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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Encryption Decryption Computer Graphics Projects

As you get to know about the projects in this post via title itself. The Encryption Decryption Computer Graphics Projects in OpenGL demonstrate the how encryption is done. This projects is quite simple and easy to understand as well as design and code. 

What is Encryption?

The encryption is the process of encoding messages(data) with some secret key for secure transmission over the network. This helps the Unauthorized access to critical messages. The encrypted message is called as Cipher.

What is Decryption?

The process of getting the plain text message from the encrypted messages is decryption. It also use some key to decrypt the secret message.

This computer graphics projects in c++ with source code showcase the process of Encryption and Decryption. A message is passed by sender which is added with some key. This new message with secret key became the cipher. The Cipher travel via network and reaches receiver. At this point receiver decrypt the message to plain text by removing the secret key.

This OpenGL Computer graphics projects has used simple design with two computer for sender and receiver. A route at each of the part. Transmission is shown with movement of boxes. It is easy to code the text with some function. In most of the cases Primitive shapes are used for drawing and just logic is the movement of text message. Logic includes how the message add with key to became cipher and how cipher return with removal of key as plain text.

Download Free Source code - computer graphics mini projects using opengl with source code free download


  1. I ve to explain this code in my lab.. can you just gimme a link where i can find a simple explanation for this coding.. or if please someone could contribute.. Would be grateful.. Thanks in adavnce

  2. You need to buy the source code available at