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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hawkeye Computer Graphics Projects in C++

We have seen so many Computer Graphics Projects in C++ which consist of games while in them we have not include any related to cricket. Today i am going to show you a clean clear computer graphics projects on cricket. This projects on cricket is Hawkeye - the technology to show the movement of ball in the games.

About Hawkeye?

A Hawkeye is a complex computer system which is used in the sports like Cricket, Tennis, Soccer etc. This is a system which used the different 6 (or 7) high performing camera installed in the stadium. The footage taken from these cameras combined to create a three-dimensional representation of the trajectory of the ball. This helps in taking some of the vital decision. In the Cricket this technology used for Umpire Decision Review System. If You Knows little about cricket, have interest in it you got to know about the UDRS. Let not make more on it rather focus on our Hawkeye Computer Graphics Projects in C++.

Features of Hawkeye Computer Graphics Projects in C++

In this Project there are many things included in it. Lets have a look what is inside the projects -

  • This opengl projects is very simple and easy to code.
  • As the whole projects made with simple primitive objects like square, rectangles and other polygons it is not that hard to explain to other and understand yourself.
  • Comments in the project can easily helps you what that piece of code do.
  • Bitmap fonts used for this Computer Graphics Projects in C++ to write the instructions.

Hawkeye Computer Graphics Projects in C++ Works

As per as functionality is concern it is easy and simple. Only mouse interaction has been used. Left and the right mouse button is assigned the task for moving and pitching the ball. As the program runs, press left mouse button to move the ball, press the right mouse button to the position where it need to pitch. The ball will take the direction and if possible may hit the stumps if it came in the path of ball.

Future Improvement of Hawkeye Computer Graphics Projects -

  1. Add auto movement and pitching
  2. Add sounds as it pitch.
  3. Ball Should have different pace and angle of movement that need to be added.
  4. It should have the replay of the action.
  5. Good front end to get included in the project. 
Download free source code for Hawkeye Computer Graphics Projects in C++

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