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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

OpenGL Project on Binary Tree

In C/C++ Binary Tree is one of the tree data structure in which each node has at most two children. These data structure has two child -right node (right child) and left node(left child). In a binary tree, the degree of each node can be at most two. You can read more about binary tree on wikipedia.

As we have different operation with binary tree in c/c++, same operations can be done as demo in this projects. This OpenGL Project on Binary Tree, the elements are taken as input from the user which then form the Binary Tree according to the rule. See the image below which show how the a binary tree formed with sample input.

OpenGL Project on Binary Tree

How the Project works? It's the big question for all. It used the structures with 3 nodes input -left, right and parent. The structure also has data as the element for that very node. The input is taken from the user using the primary cin function in the console. The input is recorded and it is arranged in the order of the rules of binary tree. One condition put in this project to determine the termination is that last input should be 0.

The OpenGL Project on Binary Tree

Download the Project

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