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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blockshooting Game OpenGL Projects in Visual Studio

Today I am going to present a great game project in computer graphic. The Blockshooting Game OpenGL Projects in Visual Studio C++.

We have written so many projects with graphics in c++ programs - the real time implementation of concept learned. These graphics programs in c++ teaches us to play with surrounding objects in our computer. Games we play based on computer graphics, we all love them. Let make our self a great game projects in computer graphics. Let Create a interactive Blockshooting game in OpenGL Computer graphics.

GameBlockshooting Game
About :  The game is a very simple shooting game. With number of available arrow the target is to be shoot down. The speed and no. of arrow and the target is fixed (which can be alter in the code). There are 15 arrows and 10 boxes by default.
Objective : Hit the box with the arrow before the allocated arrows ends.
How to play : Press 'r' to as arrows go upward, to hit the target.
Result : If you get arrows left with you before all the target box ends, you win else you declared losers i.e. You loose the game if the arrow count exceeds the blocks count.

Click to Download button for the sourcecode of BlockShooting Game

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