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Monday, November 24, 2014

Egg Game Computer graphics with OpenGL

Computer Graphics has core importance in the development of games. We have seen so many game on this site. Today also we are going to see the interesting loving game. It is simple, easy to play as well quite easy to code it, present to you the Egg Game Computer graphics with OpenGL. As name suggest, game is related to egg. We are going to discuss the whole things about it in details.

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As You can see in above image, the Egg Game has a bird, egg and a basket. The bird will lays the eggs and which need to be catch by basket. Simply, catch the egg or let it hatch.

Objective -  Catch the egg in basket before it fall and get hatched

How to Play - Use the S/s to start the game or Click Right mouse button then click 'Start Game'. As game stated birds(3 in number) will lay the eggs in certain speed depends on level. Move the basket with the Left mouse button  and catch the egg in it. Score by catching the eggs and go to next level. The level changes automatically as you score cross the mark set for the particular level. Speed of the egg going down doubles as level changes.

To quit the game press the Q/q  or Click Right mouse button then click 'Quit'.

Scoring -  There are different score for collecting different eggs.

White Egg = 01 point
Green Egg = 10 points
Orange Egg= 05 points
Pink Egg = 15 points

Special Collections

Bonus Points - Yellow egg = 100 points
Negative Points - Gray Egg = -50 points

Hope you liked the Egg Game Computer graphics with OpenGL. Post your comment about it and say anything you like or give suggestion to us.

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