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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

3D City Model Computer Graphics Project for VTU

Computer graphics has vast applications, one of them is creating the 3D model of objects. Keeping that in mind we presenting this mini projects for VTU students. The 3D City Model in Computer Graphics using c++ is great Project for VTU students seeking for a good mini projects submission in their course.

This projects simulates the 3D art of a city. The city is big so only a small portion has being created in the form of various 3D objects using computer graphics. You can clearly see the 3D objects in the image above - the buildings, trees, flagpole, roads and small houses. These objects together comes to form a real like society. There are many things can be added to this which is left for students to do in their own ways.

Do some additional modification with your own creative ideas like boundary covering whole society, few cars,moving peoples and so. Do add your creative to this  3D City Model Computer Graphics Project for VTU and comments below.

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