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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mickey mouse using OpenGL computer graphics and animation

Everyone likes Mickey Mouse whether we are child or not. Today we are going to draw Mickey mouse using computer graphics and animation.

Mickey Mouse is most anticipated cartoon character throughout the world. It was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It is also the mascot of Walt Disney. There are many cartoon and animated movies being made and get popular with children. 

We have seen many of the drawing programs like Taj Mahal, today we are going to draw the funny Mickey mouse face with computer graphics and animation. Since it is the beginning for those learning computer graphics or animation via it, this program is simple as compare to the cartoon we see on TV.  You can view that in the image below, what we are drawing.

What this drawing programs do?

We are drawing a simple face of Mickey Mouse with little animation. The whole program is divided into different modules each defining the different parts of face. The Code accomplished with the comments which indicate what part it drawing. The no of lines of code is very less, hence easy for you all in understanding this program.

As you execute the program, first two ears will come and then the face in slow animation. Finally the eye, nose and mouth will appear. The animation is smooth as we are drawing a simple program. This computer graphics and animation don’t have any keyboard or mouse interaction. Also this is 2d version of program. The Face outlines and background color both can be easily change with little modification in the code.

Future scope

There are many things that can be added to this program which is listed below -

  • Convert this program to a 3D version.
  • Also add whole body of Mickey Mouse.
  • Make the body more colorful
  • Add animation with user interaction via keyboard and mouse.
  • Sound can also make this project wonderful.

 Hope You liked this simple computer graphics and animation drawing programs, post you suggest and queries in the comments below.


  1. void play1(){











    sir can u pls explain why are we using g n h parameters in the translate function??

  2. nice project.....simple but good one :)

  3. Plz send me code for donald duck its very necessary ......suppi.prakash595