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Saturday, March 12, 2016

3D Jungle Viewer OpenGL Source Code and Report

Wonder what you can see in the image above. It is a Jungle isn't it? Looking Great?

We have seen so many 3D Projects in OpenGL, of which this project is wonderful and look more a professional, didn't let it feel that the project is developed by some students. The Project is developed by  UTBM students:  Thibaut Despoulain, Lauranne Didierjean, Baptiste Aubry and Adrien Mauranyapin. They Took more than 3 Months to develop is wonderful OpenGL Project.

The Project is nice work of pipelining in opengl, shaders, textures, framebuffers, composers, scene graph parsing in Opengl. They used many math library to accomplish the task along with the 3D modelling and texturing object appear in the 3D Jungle Viewer.

Download OpenGL Projects Source Code

You Can download this wonderful opengl project source code from GitHub .The complete source code, licensed under the MIT license, so you must obey the what licen says. You are free to distribute in any conditions, till you have the copyright information included.

OpenGL Project Report

The Project report is available free of code but is in French language. So If you need Translated Report  in english, do contact us to 

We give no warranty for Source code as well report, we are no way associated to them. We are not answers to your action. Please do read the Licence before using Code or report.

Watch Video Demo 

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