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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Car Customization using opengl

Project Description

This project uses opengl standards along with C++ programming Language for Implementation. OpenGL is a graphics software system which has become a widely accepted standard for developing graphics application. OpenGL is a device independent graphics library that allows the programmer to use a common set of functions with an application. It provides the actual drawing tools through a collection of functions that are called within an application.

            This Application provides an interface for the user to design a car according to his custom needs. The user is provided with various options for modifying a car such as changing the colour, changing mirrors, removing them, etc. The user is provided an option to view the car in 3600by the click of the left mouse button.

            This application makes use of keyboard functions, mouse functions (for modification), and idle function (for rotation of car around 3600).

Note: since, the application has not been developed yet, we still don’t know about the various opengl functions used in this program.

This Abstract is written by - By Mohammed Abdul Aleem (4mh11cs046) and Manjunath N (4Mh11cs042).

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