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Saturday, March 5, 2016

VTU Computer Graphics Projects - Mouse Effects

If you are a VTU 6th Sem Computer science student, then you have to submit in VTU Computer Graphics Projects. There are many Networking Based Projects which we have published on Our blog and there are many games as well. We have also published the Project for opengl mouse click example along with free source code. Today we comes with new program with the help of great functionality of mouse programming and we called it "Mouse Effects".

VTU Computer Graphics Projects

Many of student who search for VTU Computer Graphics Projects, are either looking for some simple program that has less opengl functionality used but there are many who go for advance programming in OpenGL C++. In this post we are going to show a project this is result out of some good knowledge of OpenGL C++ programming. In this Project we are going to show some effects on the screen with the help of Mouse. There will be some effect on the right click of mouse and some different on left click of mouse. Also we have use the Hold and release feature of mouse. 

VTU Computer Graphics Projects - Mouse Effects

Objective of Program :  To show effects with mouse click. 

Design Principle: We are going to design some particles which will be of various sizes, mainly the points in different sizes. These particles will have different colors and they will roam from one coordinate position to another on the screen. With left click of mouse, all these particles will get attracted toward the mouse click coordinate position. On the right click of mouse those particle repel away from the coordinate of mouse where click generated. 
There is another feature of program, when all the particles get attracted and struck at the position of mouse click, it can be drag to show a wonderful effect. You can view the effects in the Video Below. 

Future Enhancement : Nothing is perfect, hence there is always a new innovative idea can be apply to anything, same can be done to this VTU Computer Graphics Projects. You can add sound effect as well a explosion and more structure can be made via mouse. New shapes of particles can also be a good future enhancement.  

Contact us or post your email in the comment to get the Source code of the Project.

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