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Monday, March 7, 2016

Tower of Hanoi Simulation

In this Post we are going to see a powerful Tower of Hanoi Simulation with the help of OpenGL C graphics library. Tower of Hanoi Game is very old problem that open many opportunity for thinkers in solving the mysterious problems. We have already published Tower of Hanoi Game project, there are two of the Tower of Hanoi  opengl project which are different in user interface and way they get solve the problem. Now we are presenting this third project - Tower of Hanoi Simulation, you may select any of these and modify your self as well.

Statement of the projects - Tower of Hanoi Simulation

  • Some time it is necessary to display those object which are hidden from camera, hence in our project aims at displaying such objects using Memory chip using OpenGL.
  • Our aim is to draw attention of users toward computer graphics
  • Our aim is to create dominant project which is simple in use - Tower of Hanoi Simulation is one.

The benefits of this Tower of Hanoi Simulation are as follows:

  1. Simplicity: our project is easy and simple to use.
  2. Usability: it is easy to use and implement
  3. Flexibility: It is very flexible since it is easy to add new features to it
  4. Portable: It offers portability. It can be run anywhere any time
  1. Self learning: Coding of project itself is understandable to others.

UI Tower of Hanoi Simulation

  1. Press 1-9 to increase the number of disks.
  2. Press ‘r’ to reset.
  3. Press ‘f’ for fullscreen.
  4. Press ‘s’ to increase the speed.
  5. Press ‘x’ to decrease the speed.
  1. Press ‘page up’ to move the towers up.
  2. Press ‘page down’ to move the towers down.
  3. Press ‘up,down,left,right’ navigation keys to rotate the towers in upward, downward, clockwise and anticlock wise direction respectively.
  1. Press right button to zoom out.
  2. Press left button to zoom in
  3. Press middle button to reset.
This project on Tower of Hanoi Simulation is different then our previous two projects on Tower of Hanoi Game. It have more User Interface which allow user to interact with mouse and keyboards. You can easily choose the no of Disc as well. More views for better show off the screen.

If you want the Source code for this Project which is available at Rs 1000 (both source code and full documentation report ) contact 8147656011. Whatsapp us to 7022162923 or email to

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