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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day Night Color

We have published a scenery program for java opengl graphics programming, in this post we are going to so you similar program but in C/C++. This program is somewhat same but not entirely same.

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Day Night Color - OpenGL Program

We have name the program a Day Night Color because we can change the mode from Day to Night and vice versa. It is also a scenery program, where we have a house, mountain, tree, grass, sun and moon with stars.

Also View - 

When you first execute the program, you will find simple house and tree sketched with line in black background color. There is mouse interaction which will let swap between the Day and Night view.

Functionality of OpenGL Program

There are three mouse interaction added with use of menu. The three menu and their working is given below - 
  • quit - exit the program.
  • night color change - choose the night mode.
  • day color change -  select the day mode.
These menu will come when you will press the right mouse click. In day mode you will see sun and cloud, while in night mode stars and moon. House, Mountain and Tree will be same in both the mode. 

You can Download the OpenGL Program Source code.

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