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Thursday, December 1, 2016

OpenGL Glut 3D Game

A Game - Ballenger OpenGL Glut 3D Game developed by Mr. Jonathan Gonzalez Cortes, Computer Science Engineer. The game name by him Ballenger developed during his academic at FACULTAT D'INFORMÀTICA DE BARCELONA UPC - FIB Barcelona School of Informatics. This OpenGL Glut 3D Game is single player skill game, with so many features.

OpenGL Glut 3D Game - Features 

  • The game have a wide range of area for exploring in 3D
  • There are about 16 Challengers in the game.
  • There are 5 keys in the game that can be collected by exploring in the game.
  • There are several check points which make the game more interesting and playable.
  • It used the original assets and design arts never used before.
  • One-way shortcuts to avoid undoing the paths taken
View the video demo of this OpenGL Glut 3D Game.

This interesting OpenGL Glut 3D Game is developed in C++ using the opengl.There is proper use of the GLUT library and custom GLSL shaders in this program. The world map and the models which were used in the game were designed in Photoshop and Blender. There are some problem in the game. The terrains and other parts get little litle strains. In some computer with less graphics the game may struck. The game may go slow in some computers as well.

You can download the source code and the executables from the website. Do comment about the game in the comment sections. Share your feedback as well.

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