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Friday, December 2, 2016

2D game using OpenGL and Glut

You have seen a OpenGL Glut 3D Game by Mr. Jonathan Gonzalez Cortes of  FACULTAT D'INFORMÀTICA DE BARCELONA UPC - FIB Barcelona School of Informatics. He named the game as Ballenger. The game has so many features where user can play the game effectively. It was the single player game. Same Computer Engineer developed the 2D game using OpenGL and Glut. He named it as Tiny Quest. This game is more interesting and have more fun while playing. It will give you the feel of mario game, which you all might have played.

This game is also developed in C++ using OpenGL, with the use of the GLUT library. In the game custom GLSL shaders also used in the code. While the level design is original, the tilesets and sprites used are modified versions of the ones found in Sword of Mana.

Features of 2D game using OpenGL and Glut

There are two levels in the game.
There is animated players, enemies and the FX in the game.
The depth simulation is being done via Layered level design.
Smart challenging AI.
In the game you will find the meaningful audiovisual feedback.
There is Dynamic GUI.

View the video 2D game using OpenGL and Glut demo


If you have gone through the video, you might have get all the views about the game. Do share your observation as well as comments via our comment box below.

Download the source code, binaries and executable from the website.

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