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Monday, May 30, 2022

Top Computer Graphics Projects Ideas for 2022

One idea can change the world. Here in this blog post we are giving you some computer graphics projects ideas, that will help you build new innovative project. These ideas will help you in completing you VTU CS computer graphics . Many of thes Computer Graphics (CG) Project Topics  may be complex to desgin and code. You can be showman among your peers, when you will able to execute these complex Computer Graphics (CG) Project ideas by coding them into a fantastic opengl computer graphics projects.

Top Computer Graphics Projects Ideas for 2022

Social Messaging Apps

Social media is very powerful tool for this generation. One of the best thing as current generation student you can design a computer graphics mini projects that shows how these social media works.

Tesla EV Cars

EV or Electrical vechiles are getting it popularity due to it's impact in making world green again. Tesla is one the leading company, hot in news for it world class electrical cars. A CG mini projects over the Tesla EV Cars would surely be innovative ideas.

Medical drones

Drones are future and it will have impact on human kind. It would be great Computer Graphics Projects Idea for desing and code for working of a medical drones.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Interenet or world wide web as we says has evolved alot, it is giving new and innovatiove solution to many problem of mankind. We can creat an Opengl graphics projects that will show how different things can be connected via intenet and can be opeated from anywhere.

Covid 19

We can save million live if we spread the informative news about Covid 19. It's symptoms, socail distancing, testing, precaution to be taken etc with computer graphics can be shown. It would be great to show as well the impotance of getting vacinated.


You might have hear about ongoing war. Now is the time to show graphically what a missile is and how it function along with different types of missiles. 

Hydrogen vehicle

As said above electric vechiles are future but Hydrogen fuled vechiles may give tough competion to them. We can use our Computer Graphics Projects Ideas for developing of Hydrogen vehicle, how H2 is use to run a vechiles.

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